Chestnut Hill Portfolio Companies

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Chestnut Hill Associates is a strategic consulting firm founded by Dr. William Putsis in 1995. The firm is focused on all elements of strategy – Value Chain, Strategic Control and Competency Gap Analysis; Incentive alignment and channel / IoT strategy, segmentation, conjoint analysis and competitive game theory. Clients have varied from small to midsized companies to leading Fortune 100 companies in our over 25 years of helping companies grow.

The Platform for Strategic Growth, co-founded by Dr. William Putsis and Phil Burns, is a consulting firm that specializes in matching customer deep seated needs finding with unique competencies in areas of Strategic Control in the industry Value Chain. Matching these two is where the “magic” happens in strategy and is where good companies today build competitive advantage. Using this has been the key to growth for companies ranging from Alphabet and Amazon to small startups.

The Paradox Team, co-founded by Dr. William Putsis, Dr. Jeffery Flesher and Robert “Jake” Jacobs, uses synchronous (live and virtual) and asynchronous sessions as an Executive Development platform that is centered in the theme of Business Paradoxes and Leadership. Using submarines (the only ship built to sink, hence the paradox) as the metaphorical underpinning for the program, the company runs workshops aimed at developing strategies and teaching leaders how to better navigate the paradoxes of business.

Affiliated Organizations

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CADEO Economics focuses primarily on managing competition through Game Theory and Conjoint Analysis to preempt competition and to better understand the needs of your most valuable customers. Previous clients for Game Theory strategy sessions and Conjoint Analysis customer insight projects include The Boeing Company, BASF, Atkore, Owens Corning, AgReliant Genetics and MagniX.


Brij, a 2021 startup co-founded by Dr. William Putsis, is aimed at helping small business through building a community (the “Brij Community”) that not only helps small business survive any crises, but by building community, helps them  thrive long after the crisis has passed. Through "Brij Promotions" and a "Something-for-Something" model, we help each other. Like family, community.


Consultants versus Cancer, an organization co-founded by Dr. William Putsis, raises money for the American Cancer Society via a new and innovative model. Business leaders, consultants and local celebrities donate their time and services. In lieu of a fee (e.g., consulting or appearance fee), the contracting company donates their fee to the American Cancer Society (ACS).

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