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Learn Smarter. Anywhere. Anytime. Customized for you.

We help you unravel the most complex business dilemmas not by handing you an answer, but by teaching your people how to find the rights ones on their own.

The material in each of these courses has been taught by Dr. Putsis at top MBA and executive education programs around the world including Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, London Business School, UNC Chapel Hill and Tsinghua University.

Hard work, real results.


Real. Rigorous. Relevant.

Our courses:

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This is our “Master class,” a “Mini-MBA in depth and breath. Set up as a MOOC in style, participation involves approximately 4 hours for each of 10 modules, conducted at your own pace. The program follows a process detailed in The Carrot and the Stick (University of Toronto Press, 2020). Cost: $1,000

In this course, we use the concepts of an Industry Value Chain, Strategic Control (the "Stick") and Vertically Aligned Incentives (the "Carrot") to show you how to apply these concepts to win in your industry. This course walks you through a step-by-step process to apply these concepts to your market and business, following a process detailed in The Carrot and the Stick (Wiley 2020). 8 hour total time commitment. Cost:  $750

Choose the wrong market and it doesn't matter how good you are at everything else; choose the wrong customers and your tactics won't matter. This course walks you through a process for prioritizing each step of the process, following the course's companion best-selling book, Compete Smarter, Not Harder (Wiley, 2014). 8 hour total time commitment. Cost:  $750

One of the most important foundations for any business venture is the proper assessment of the market opportunity at hand. The program follows a process developed through best-of-practice academic research, consulting practice and business strategy – as detailed in Compete Smarter, Not Harder (Wiley 2014). 2.5 hours at your own pace. Cost:  $500

We often wonder where new concepts and ideas come from - those that we say "why didn't I think of that?" We will use the framework of empathy and Empathy Maps to uncover those deep-seated needs, those that the customers themselves can't articulate. This course will walk you through how to apply empathy maps to your own customers so that you can uniquely deliver the deep-seated needs of your most desirable customers. 3 - 4 hour time commitment at your own pace.

Cost: $500

Prioritization. Segmentation is the process of dividing customer needs into groups where the needs are similar within each group, but different across groups, so that you can prioritize across those groups and target your offering(s) to your high priority groups. In this course, we walk through the intuition and the process and examples of segmentation in practice. By the time we finish, you should be able to conduct a segmentation exercise with your team for your market. 

3 - 4 hour time commitment at your own pace. Cost: $500

Game Theory de-mystified. In this course, we stress intuition first. Game Theory gives us very specific practical lessons and processes to use in your business. We will use the knowledge gained from the academic research to provide you with a mindset, a skillset and a toolset to apply to your business. This course walks you through the intuition and processes you will need to use it for effect in your business. 2.5 hour time commitment at your own pace. Cost: $500

Companies that use Strategic Control and Vertical Incentive Alignment effectively significantly outperform those who do not. Indeed, over a 7-year period, companies that do well on both, on average, have more than doubled their earnings, while those who have not done well on both actually saw earnings decline. We walk you through a step-by-step process to apply these to your market and business. 4 hour time commitment at your own pace. Cost: $500

Brand used to be what we told our customers about who we are; Branding is now what they say about us. In a social media environment, we often need to "seed" the process with traditional communications and understand how to be able to shape the social media conversation. In this course, we cover traditional branding approaches (setting the foundation), address how and why network effects work and then lay out specific approaches to influence what happens through social media. 3 hour time commitment at your own pace. Cost: $500

We believe so strongly in what we do, we offer our introductory course for free (this will take about 2 hours of your time).


                                                                                       Watch the video below for an introduction to the course:


This course takes the "50,000 feet" view of the market - addressing a number of interesting and provocative such as additive manufacturing, Internet convergence, data privacy and winning business models. As such, it is a "Warm-up" to all of the other courses, setting the stage for the detailed processes in each of the other courses.

Cost: $0

Setting the Context: The "50,000 feet" view
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