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True North
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We Consult and We Educate. 

True North is True North. It is your guiding light. It is your reason for being, your raison d'être. It should not change. Its context, its application, its setting can and should evolve and adapt, but True North, if right to begin with, should remain your True North.


At Chestnut Hill Associates, our True North has remained steady, strong and steadfast since we were founded in 1995. The tools, approaches and knowledge base has grown, but our True North of applying cutting-edge, rigorous methodologies to your business and teaching your people how to do what we have done so that you don’t need us anymore has not changed. It is our True North.


Chestnut Hill Consulting is the main consulting arm of Chestnut Hill Associates. We have applied these principles to strategic decisions of major companies throughout the world since 1995. Our message hasn’t changed, just as our True North has not (well, we may have aged a few years, and with that, wisdom and experience). 


True North is True North.

Real. Rigorous. Relevant.

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Some of the companies we have worked with across the globe applying our principles of True North:


Selected Examples of Projects with these companies include:

  • Value Chain / Competency Gap Analysis / Leveraging Strategic Control

  • Adjacent Market Expansion and Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Segmentation Strategy

  • Choice / Conjoint Analysis

  • Game Theory Strategic Sessions on:

    • Pricing 

    • Production and Capacity Allocation

    • Macro Strategic Positioning

  • Deep-Seated Needs Finding through Empathy and Empathy Mapping

  • Branding and Brand Consolidation Strategy

  • Building an Ecosystem (interconnected Value Chains) through Value Chain Analysis and Strategic Control

  • Strategy of Supply Chain / IoT / Vertical Incentive Alignment

  • Product Portfolio Strategy
  • Post-Patent Expiry Strategies

  • Banking, Finance and Private Equity:

    •  Retail Branding Strategy

    •  Wholesale client innovation strategies

    •  Strategic Acquisition Due Diligence

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