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We Consult and We Educate

We believe in working with your teams to develop strategy and in being fully transparent in our process. We teach you and your team how to do what we do so that you don't need us anymore.


Combining the best of consulting practice, academics and real world experience, Chestnut Hill Associates was founded in 1995 and has worked with leading companies throughout the world for over 25 years. Recent clients range from small to large, including Boeing, John Deere, BASF, Underwriter’s Laboratory, Owens Corning, Knauf, Globe Union, and many others. 


Dr. William Putsis, founder and CEO, has authored two leading business books on strategy and over 30 peer-reviewed scholarly articles on strategy and marketing. He has been on the faculty and taught at leading business schools across the world including Cornell, Yale, London Business School, Duke, Columbia, and UNC Chapel Hill.


Our state-of-the-art processes and tools have been derived from over 25 years of working with top companies, top consulting firms, and from the lessons of leading academic research. We enable you to apply these to your business and push it down throughout your organization so you can use these approaches over and over.

How it works
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Putsis UnleashWD

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What We Do

We provide best practices strategic consulting and premier quality executive /talent development, as well as state-of-the-art processes for the corporate client wanting bottom-line results. 

We accomplish this through the best of academic thinking and a series of partnerships comprised of some of the leading consultants and researchers in the world. Our objective is not to simply tell a client what they want to hear, but to provide the best of a select set of consulting services for organizations that require real results and ensure that the skills are developed in-house so that future needs can be addressed from within the organization.

We are Real, Rigorous, Relevant.

We Achieve this in Three Ways.


On the consulting side of our business, we help you apply state-of-the-art process and tools that are real, rigorous, and relevant (as detailed in two books, The Carrot and the Stick and Compete Smarter, Not Harder) to the vexing issues of your business. We help you get real results with rigor.


We help you develop your talent – live sessions as we work strategy with you – and asynchronous material to achieve talent development throughout the organization in order to ensure that your entire organization is on the same page with common process, tools and thinking.


We also provide resources to enable your team to access more detail on all of the issues you face – from blogs to articles in the news to Podcasts to more detailed academic articles, these resources provide accessible material for your organization to access on an ongoing basis.


"Dr. Putsis over the years has absolutely transformed my approach to every aspect of business and life.  He is an “enabler” to unprecedented results.  You would be wise to explore his methodology but only if you are committed to applying your learnings."

Matthew Parrish – President & CEO, KNAUF North America

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